Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Stupid Santa

God, it's fricking Christmas again. I'm sorry. I know everyone loves Christmas and the carols and the stupid fricking Christmas music, but seriously, not me. I used to love Christmas when I was a kid. Actually, I was grateful we even had Christmas.

I haven't gone into detail about this but my grandma raised us Jehovah's Witnesses, (this story would take too long so we'll save it for a future post, that basically includes why me and my brothers are completely thrown off of organized religion because of this cult we were forced to go to) but she still let us celebrate holidays and our birthdays. I don't think my dad would have allowed it any other way to tell you the truth.

Back to the point: now that I'm older and have bills, and rent, and a car to maintain, I can never afford to buy anyone a gift anyways so I really don't even care for Christmas anymore.

The girls and I decided to do secret Santa though. That way we won't feel bad about leaving anyone out and we won't have to spend a lot of dough. Truthfully, I'd rather we all just saved our stupid money for new years so we have more cash to spend in Chicago, but hey, I'm a lush and that means more to me than some silly little gift.

Hey, I appreciate the sentiment, but Christmas is about being happy and grateful for what you have right? Well, I'd be happy and grateful with a bottle of vodka, drunk on the streets of Chicago. That's my idea of a good holiday. And after my worst-thanksgiving-ever debacle, I'm definitely going all out for New Years.

Since I have a little extra money this year too thanks to school, I am planning on getting mom and grandma something. Mom has really helped me out so much this year and I think I would be the worst child ever if I didn't get her something to show her how much I appreciate her. See, I think about more than partying and getting wasted.

Or at least that's what I say on the surface.

Mmmmm beerrr.. Is it time to go home from work yet?


  1. Aww well I hope your Secret Santa exchange goes well anyways, and that you still end up having fun on New Year's!

  2. hey, thanks for stopping by my blog! i agree, i am SO over christmas. i will be in italy...hopefully, it will be the best time of my life!