Thursday, December 18, 2008

Puppies!! again...

Aren't they the cutest thing? These are "Robbie's dogs, Mollie and Rea. Rea is the one in pink and she's their new puppy they got after bandit got killed, poor thing. I went over there this morning to let her use my car to go take a test and we got the dogs all bundled up for a walk. Rea even has her toenails painted pink! So fricking cute!

So day four of Sobriety and I have to say it actually feels kind of good. My cousin woke me up at 7:45 wanting a ride to work and I was actually OK to get up and give her one. Weird. I guess I'm going to have lots of time to start working out now. Which is great, because I've been wanting to tone up and lose 20 lbs forever. Now I have even more incentive to do it. I'm nothing if not motivated when I have an actual reason to be.

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