Sunday, December 7, 2008

My new tattoo

So I finally got my tattoo finished last night. I wanted to do the shading pink but pink fades so I went with two different blues. I love it but man did it hurt. NEVER get a tattoo on the top of your foot. There's no fat, at least there isn't on my feet, and I was practically in tears when they went over the bone. Next tat is definitely going on a part of my body that has some meat on it.

Still haven't heard anything from the Ex but I guess that says it all. I still have mixed feelings about this whole thing. On one hand I still love him and want to see him, but then on the other hand I get all mad at myself and can't believe I would even talk to him again. He's a cheater and a liar and I can do so much better than that. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

Truthfully, I think I only still want him for the sex. Which was always A-FUCKING-MAZING if I do say so myself. But I MUST BE STRONG. He does not deserve me and it's so degrading even lowering myself to this situation.

On another note, I am losing weight at an alarming rate. I can't eat anything. Nothing tastes good anymore and I'll eat a few bites of something and be completely full. It's great to lose weight and the Ritalin really is helping with my ADD but I really think I need to get some vitamins or something. This is not healthy. I haven't had a glass of milk in like a month and I used to drink milk all the time. Not good.

And I need to start getting some more sleep. I didn't sleep for like 3 days and when I finally took some sleeping pills, I still only slept 6 hours and 4 hours last night. Insomnia is a bitch.


  1. Your tattoo is amazing! I could never get a tattoo, I'm too scared of the pain, I can't even imagine getting it done on the top of my foot! I know exactly what you mean about wanting the Ex for sex, I felt that way at one point as well, but turns out I ended up feeling more for him than just that...the weight loss is alarming so maybe you should take vitamins? But at the same time, I would definitely be enjoying losing weight without

  2. Definitely stay away from the ex. Especially if you still have feelings for the guy. There are plenty of people our there to have sex with! Just be safe about it!

    So you're losing weight fast? I'm jealous. Is is just b/c of the Ritalin? UGH! I want to lose weight fast! Well, lose weight at all really. Nothing's working. Stupid f-ing thyroid.