Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wake Up CALL

I actually have a lot to post today. First things first, the night before last I was awaken at 4 am by the weirdest feeling in my arm. I lay there for a few minutes and waited for it to go away. When it didn't, I got up and tried taking some Ibuprofen and drinking some Pepto, since the pain had moved to my stomach. The pain only got worse and ended up moving to my back as well. Eventually "Kammie" woke up and came out to see what was wrong with me, and by that time I was pretty much reduced to tears and could barely breathe. She rushed me to the hospital, where they gave me oxygen and some pain meds through an IV, and eventually the pain went down.

I didn't have a heart attack, thank god. That would have been really embarrassing at 24. But as to what happened, they aren't sure. I have to make an appointment to have an ultra sound on my gaul bladder soon. In the meantime, the doctor gave me some pain medicine and some Prilosec OTC. He thinks that it may be an ulcer. I take Ibuprofen almost every day and because of the Ritalin, I don't eat that much, so I've pretty much burned a hole in my stomach. Nice huh?

This experience has really opened my eyes, and I've decided to change my habits a little bit. First things first, I threw away all of the Ibuprofen when I got home. And I've decided to slow down on drinking. I'm 24 and I'm not trying to die or anything, so if my drinking is really that unhealthy that I wake up unable to breathe in the middle of the night, then that shits gotta go. Of course I'm going to celebrate New Years, but not as hard, and definitely no drinking before then.

The bad thing about the meds they gave me is I have a really hard time with pain meds and anything in the opiate family. I get really sick and end up throwing up. Usually they give me something to counteract the nausea but they didn't this time. So I ended up laying on my couch all day yesterday, nauseous and groggy.

When I went to bed, I started having these crazy dreams about guys crawling through my window and killing me, or sneaking in my front door. I know this sounds weird but does anyone else ever have dreams like this? Or end up freaking out when you're home alone? I don't always have this problem, but I've seen too many movies where the main character wakes up and some guys hands over her mouth, or like in Mr. Brooks, Kevin Costner has that nifty little tool he uses to get in the house even though the chain is on the door. See, these things are possible. I live in an ok neighborhood I guess, but hey, I'm a woman and these things do happen.

So last night as I'm laying there all doped up on drugs, I started to get really anxious about this, even more than normal. I couldn't sleep, and "Kammie" was at "Robbie's" house. So I ended up cuddling on the couch with my cat until she came home, and then crawled in bed where I proceeded to have a dream that my brother's character on Grey's Anatomy was going to get killed off, and some killer was going to make it happen in real life. Yeah, no more Vicadin for me.

There's all my bad news.

Even with all this crap, I am so excited for New Years! We have decided we are going to go to Chicago. This party sounds so amazing and I think after the year we've all had, a kick ass party is exactly what we need. "Kammie" has changed her number so C can't call her, and it's been decided he can't come for New Years. We all feel bad for excluding him, but it's sort of his fault. I want to go and have an excellent time, and knowing him, he's just going to be moping about "Kammie" or making her feel uncomfortable, and I'm sorry, but I'm straight on that.


  1. I found your blog because of the Kevin Costner mention - about "that nifty little tool he uses to get in the house even though the chain is on the door": someone had asked me a few years ago if I thought something like that was possible and I figured yes so I banded 2 screwdrivers together with duct tape and rubber bands and I put one in the bracket and the other in the top link of the chain and it keeps my door from being opened even if someone can unlock it. No one can use a tool like that on my door even if they wanted to! Just thought I'd share that with you...

  2. You have to take better care of yourself. Hopefully this wakeup call will help. Be careful ok?