Thursday, December 25, 2008

Holiday cheer.. surprise surprise

Well Merry Christmas and all that jazz. I survived the holidays! Thank fucking god! I knew I could do it. I don't know why I let myself ever believe that any man has the power to bring me down. I'm stronger than that for sure.

So I hope everyone had a happy holiday. Mine was actually OK. I did get a little $ so that makes me not so stressed. Gotta buy the New Years outfit you know. And still got to have $ to live off of until pay day. I can't wait until the day when I'm not living paycheck to paycheck. Actually, my future chosen profession probably won't help that that much, but hey; I'd rather do something I feel passionate about instead of something that bores me to tears just for the extra cash. Wow. What an idealist. Not really but we can pretend huh?

Dad actually showed up and made peace with mom, which goes to show you that some dogs can learn new tricks. I hope it keeps up because I'm really over the whole drama and shit.

I even went out to my grandpa's, who I haven't seen in two years and visited with that side of the family. Don't you love it when you're productive? It makes you feel like you can fuck off for the rest of the day. Well, at least it makes me feel like I can fuck off for the rest of the day.

And on that note.. I'm going to pick up "Louie" and get our drink on. Good night!

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