Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I usually don't like these stupid shows on TV like Rock of Love, or Paris Hilton's my new BFF. I've watched a couple episodes and I always feel like my I.Q. drops a few points afterwards.

I love the Bad Girls Club though. That show is so funny. The premiere for this season was on the night before last and I DVR'd it. Me and "kammie" watched it that night and me and "Louie" watched it again last night before we went out to the bar.

There's this girl on there and every other sentence out of her mouth is, "that's how we roll in Boston," "that's how we do it in Boston." OMG!

Is she serious? Who the hell cares?

That girl had us rolling around on the floor. More power to her for loving her city but come on!

And the ghetto one, Kayla. Wow! That girl has some major anger issues. I got so tired of watching them get thrown out of every club they went to. Simmer down child. Seriously!

Even though these girls seem to be mentally disabled I'm still going to watch this show this season.

Got to have at least one guilty pleasure. And alcohol doesn't count. That's just a given.


  1. I watched the final episode of Paris Hilton's My New BFF and I couldn't look away! I'm short a few brain cells after that experience.

    Also, thanks for the nice comment. It definitely made me feel better!

  2. I've definitely got to check out this show. I'm obsessed with trashy television like Flavor of Love, etc, so I'm sure I would enjoy this =]