Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cops and robbers

Do you ever second guess yourself? And you know you're right but then people start asking you stuff and you start thinking you could be wrong even though you know you're right? Friday as I was leaving the house, the maintenance guy was on our stoop salting the sidewalk. I waited until he was done, took out the garbage, came back and grabbed my laundry and locked my door. I was gone all day and "Kammie" was at work, but then I got a call from her around ten saying our back door was wide open. Now, I know for a fact that I locked the damn door. And if I didn't, I definitely shut it. And there's no way the cats opened it. So someone had to have been in our house. Nothing was missing but we're both pretty freaked out.

I called the cops and tried calling the emergency line for my management company, only to receive a call back from some guy swearing at me for waking him up. It wasn't even 11 and isn't that the point in an emergency line? I snapped off on him and told him I was filing a complaint Monday. That's just straight up ridiculous. And to save his ass, he called the cops and told them I had had a break in and he was worried. Bullshit dude.

So the cops came and made a report. And I'm going to my management's office tomorrow and demanding the locks be changed. I don't feel comfortable in my own home now. Last night I slept with a stool under my bedroom door. Not cool.

I don't really have much faith in my management company either. I've been trying to get them to come fix some stuff for over two months. All around completely ridiculous.

I kind of drank a little this weekend but nothing you could call severe. Seriously. I had 1 beer on Thursday and two glasses of wine and a beer last night. I think that overall that's pretty good right? I mean, if you look at how I have been drinking, I'm almost at nun status now. That little amount did get me kind of tipsy though and I headed home and passed out. So I know this probably wouldn't be a big deal to other people but for me it has some significance.

I think that deserves two gold stars for the day!

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