Monday, December 29, 2008

Bread crumbs and empty tummies

Three days to go. I am so giddy I can barely concentrate at work. And it's beautiful outside so I'm even more antsy. Can't it be Wednesday already? If I had a super power it would be to travel through time. And read people's thoughts. Definitely.

I have to admit that I have been cheating a little on the no alcohol. I had two beers last night but I was fine afterwards. "Robbie" and K were freaking out, saying that I can't drink, which I find very hypocritical. They smoke and I asked them if one day someone told them that they had to quit cold turkey, how would they feel? And of course, the light dawned behind their eyes and they actually empathized with the way I feel. I know it's for my health but it's so hard to just quit cold turkey. So I'm not.

I have been really good on the whole food thing though. The doctor has put me on a completely bland diet. She says that my pancreas is having trouble breaking down the gases so I need to be on a diet. Which means... no spicy foods, barely any dairy, no olives or oranges or anything with acid in it, no soda, no alcohol (I'm trying i swear), no meats this week but I can eat fish and chicken next week, no seasonings, no high fatty foods, no fried food. So I pretty much can eat... NOTHING.

You know what I ate yesterday? Toast for breakfast, apple sauce for lunch, toast and chicken broth for dinner, and then I ate some eggs a little later. Mmmm mmmm good!

Yeah right!

I'm starving! I did sort of cheat today and had a chicken salad sandwich and I don't even feel bad about it. Well, my stomach did object for awhile afterwards, but I took a Prilosec and I'm good.

You ever want to lose weight? Go on a bland diet! I feel like my stomach is about to cave in and start eating itself. Thank god the Ritalin helps with the cravings. I'm still starving though.

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