Monday, December 8, 2008

The bad news bear

I have a little bit of bad news. I'm dying!

Sike! Well I hope not at least. I started to have really bad stomach problems on Saturday. I didn't think anything of it until yesterday. The pain started to get worse all day and then, (this is kind of gross) but i started crapping black. I've looked it up on Webmd and I think I have an ulcer. I tried to go to the emergency room last night after work but they were really busy and I was tired so I just went home.

I don't know. If it continues I'll go to the doctor tomorrow. I really hope I don't have anything wrong with me. Ulcers can be caused by alcohol I guess. An ulcer at 24. Cool.

If there is something wrong with me, I'm going to use this as a wake up call and slow the hell down. I have moments where I love being alone and spending time with myself, but more times than not, the loneliness is too much so I'm always on the go. Trying to find something to do to keep myself busy.

Time to direct my energies elsewhere I think. Mom got me a membership to the Princeton Club so as soon as I get a lock, I'm gonna start going hopefully a couple of days a week after work. I think I need to work off all this sadness and aggression I have pent up about the Ex. Might be kind of therapeutic to kick the shit out of a dummy or something.

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