Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight... Finally

Well I finally saw Twilight last night and I'm going to be as truthful about what I thought as possible.

I went to the movie with "Robbie," Katy, and "Micky." It was really fun to go to a movie with all the girls. The last movie I saw in the theater was Sex and the City with "Robbie," which was weird because i think that's the first movie we've ever gone to together and we've been friends forever.

"Robbie" and I have both read the book, but the other two hadn't. It was interesting to see each of our reactions to the movie.

In the beginning, I was not really impressed and "Robbie" and I found ourselves laughing at some of the more cheesier moments, and the not so stellar acting.

But as the movie progressed, I found myself really getting into it. Or rather, after I stopped comparing everything to the book and let myself just enjoy, then I found I really liked it.

I do hope they do a better job on the next films, but overall I'm glad I saw it. The other two really liked it and I was really surprised by that. Especially since they hadn't read the books, certain parts were sort of slow and were really only funny if you had read the book. But they were both loving it and couldn't say enough good things about it.

Now as to the actors. I feel sort of bad for Robert Pattinson. He had a lot to live up to. Do I think he succeeded? Definitely no. But if you think about it, there really isn't anyone that could completely portray Edward in real life the way I have him envisioned in my mind. I thought his hair was silly and unnecessary. But after my initial dislike of him, I started to see the story come together and Kristen and Robert do look good together. Katy said the way I talked about him, she thought he'd have rays of sunlight shooting out of his ass or something! I guess my expectations were just a tad bit high.

I loved Bella, and I think she did an excellent job.

As to the Cullen family, I didn't like how Carlisle had such blonde hair and was super pasty. It looked weird. Emmett was fricking HOT and we all agreed on that. LOVED LOVED LOVED him. I thought Rosalie should have had dark hair but she was still beautiful. Did anyone else hate the pants they had her in, with the fade in the back? Those pants looked like they were from the 80s. I thought Alice looked too old. I had pictured her with a more younger face, but overall she was ok. Jasper looked constipated, but I suppose they were trying to make it look like Bella's presence bothered him. But it was still weird. Esme was very pretty but I kept seeing her as Ava from Grey's Anatomy. Sort of ruined the effect but overall she was cute.

I thought they did a good job with Jessica. She really was exactly what I thought she'd be like. But not Angela. I pictured her with blonde hair.

I can see where people could be critical of this movie. When you read the book, you have this preconceived notion in your mind of the way things should be. And then you see the movie, and things are completely different. It's very hard to not be so critical. Katy actually said something to me last night that made a lot of sense. I asked her if she was going to read the books now and she said no. She is going to watch all the movies as they come out first, and then she'll read the books. I thought this was really backwards until she explained to me that that way she can go into each movie without having those preconceived notions in her head, and then she'll enjoy the movie more.

It makes sense but after seeing the movie, i'd be too impatient to find out what happens. So overall though, I really liked it and am definitely looking forward to the next one.

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