Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Well, I did it. I finally caved in and texted the Ex last night. I was just a little drunk and more than a little sad and I am just tired of not talking to him. Even just to tell him how I feel. The last time we talked was September 23, yes I know the date, and we said we loved each other and goodnight and that's the last conversation we've had. Then he disappeared for three weeks and broke my heart all over again. Since then he's called me a couple of times but i've refused to answer, so really we haven't talked about things at all.

I got to work this morning and he called and left a message saying he'd seen I texted and he'd be at work all day and to give him a call. "Louie" doesn't think I should call him but i'm going to. I'm tired of running from him and avoiding everything. Im not ready to hear that he's moved on or anything and im going to tell him that if we talk to keep that kind of stuff to himself. I'm just not ready. But I think it's time at least we talked about things. If even to clear things up and end it. And who knows, maybe we'll talk and I'll look at him and realize im completely over him. If that's the case then, GREAT!! Then I can move on.

But I was thinking about things last night and came to the realization that i'm never going to be able to move on if things with the Ex are left hanging. I'm always going to wonder and think about him and I can't live like that.

So stay tuned.....

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