Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silly boy- tricks are for kids

I woke up in bed this morning, naked, and hungover. I was naked because I was too drunk to put on my pj's when I stumbled into bed at 1am, and I was hungover because me and "Kammie" decided to down a bottle of vodka after work last night.

It's great having a roommate who likes to drink as much as me. Seriously. Very great for my health.

I got some really unfortunate news the minute I woke up though. My brother, who if I haven't mentioned this before, has serious issues, got arrested for a DUI last night. Again. He's not even a drinker, I don't understand how he finds himself in these situations. And right before thanksgiving!

He's like a 5 year old we have to babysit all the time to keep him out of trouble. I love him of course. He's my brother. But I don't understand him. I'm just glad he's OK and didn't get in an accident. I don't know why he was driving in the first place. Hello!

Alcohol + you = sitting your ass at home

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