Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe a little hopeful

I called him at work at lunch and it was so weird. I had all of these butterflies in my stomach and didn't know what to say. He sounded the same though and it really did feel great to finally hear his voice.

Ex: Hi, I see you called last night
Lush: no I text
Ex: same thing, how have you been? I'm glad you called, what's up?
Lush: I don't know, I don't know what to say I guess I just miss you
Ex: I miss you too, I think about you all the time you know
Lush: ya, me too, I can't not talk to you anymore, it's too hard
Ex: can we get together for a bit and talk, maybe sat night?
Lush: ya i guess, you don't have anytime tonight?
Ex: no, I'm pretty busy
Lush: so are you actually going to call me or am I going to hear from you in three weeks again?
Ex: I have to work until 5 but i will call you after
Lush: OK, talk to you then

So we'll see if I actually hear from him. I'm not going to hold my breath or anything but I'm glad I called him, even if he doesn't call. It sounds like he was happy to hear from me though. I'm not hopeful anything will come from this. I just know it's time we talked and figured things out and go from there. Even if it's not towards each other.

He said get together and talk but I'm sure there will be more than that. It's just the way we are together. There's so much chemistry we can't keep our hands to ourselves. Well, even if we don't work anything out, maybe I'll at least end my drought for a little while.

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