Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bubble Girl

I woke up this morning and it's still raining. I love to lay in bed with the window open and just listen to the rain come down outside. I was supposed to be up early because I had finally made an appointment to have a doctor look at my broken toe, but because of the rain I ended up rescheduling and staying in bed longer. This was especially counter-productive because I really need to have someone look at this dumb toe.

I broke it in July and it's still broken. It really doesn't bother me that much except it won't bend and if I hit it wrong it hurts like a biatch! And people are always running into it. There really isn't anything they can do though except re-break it and hope it sets right this time. It's not like that bothers me but i really don't feel like wearing some stupid boot or splint for the next 6-8 weeks.

It was so funny when I got my tattoo, I made him put it on the same foot as my broken toe because I might as well have one good foot right? But he was all shocked that I'd been walking around with it broken for so long and even more that I was going to get a tattoo on my hurt foot. I was a little embarrassed as I hadn't had a pedicure in 6 months because I can't bear to touch my toe. And I was going to put the tat on my back so i didn't remember to shave my legs, but oh well. It wasn't like I was there to get a date or anything.

I'm going to be 80 with this weird crooked toe or something. I better go to the doctor huh? Actually, I wish I had my own doctor on hand all the time the way I get hurt. Seriously, I am the biggest klutz. Here are some examples:

* When I was 7 I was wrestling with my brother and he flipped me over and landed on my wrist which was so small it snapped. I was immediately in shock and freaked out and locked myself in the bathroom and wouldn't come out.

* In elementary school I fell down the stairs and fell off the playground, twice; all three times I had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

* When I was 16 I dove into a 4' indoor pool and hit my face on the bottom. I had a broken nose, two black eyes, a gash in my head and numerous cuts along my face. Really, I'm lucky I didn't break my neck, and yes I was drunk. Instead of going right to the emergency room, I continued to drink and finally went to the emergency room 38 hours after it happened. I had a concussion as well I found out and was told off by the doctor for not coming in sooner.

* On my 19Th birthday, my golden birthday, I was running in sandals, fell on some gravel and broke my foot. I wasn't aware that I broke my foot though because I got right up and hobbled into the party. "Robbie" came up to me later as I was sitting next to the keg and noticed my leg was bleeding, and when she got a rag to clean it up she noticed that my foot was swollen and broken. It's amazing how a mixture of shock and alcohol really numbs pain isn't it?

And there are a lot more examples, including all the times I've fallen off bar stools, tripped over my own feet, or just developed some pain or injury by unknown means. Maybe I should get one of those protective balls like in Bubble Boy and just be a big bubble.

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  1. Lol, wow girl, you've been through a lot! Get your toe looked at! I can't believe it's been broken for so long, you're a trooper.