Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ouch! I got ants in my pants!

Since my break-up with the Ex, I haven't really felt the URGE to be with anyone. I have my occasional moment where I think about him, but just the idea of being with anyone else seems so foreign to me.

Well, not last night. I was feeling kind of lonely and didn't want to go home alone. I've been chilling out the last few days, hanging at home, and I really didn't want to do that again. It seems no one was up to anything fun though so i headed home to watch Gossip Girl. Fun Fun I know. "Kammie" was there and we did have a few beers but her and her boy toy are fighting and she was in a bad mood and decided to go to bed early.

That left me tipsy, alone, and feeling the itch. Definitely not a good combination. At one point, I got so antsy I almost called "denture boy."

A little history here about "denture boy." He is a friend of mine that I once hooked up with before me and the Ex got together. It was pretty casual and I really didn't see him very much after that as I was obviously with the Ex. A couple of weeks ago I got a text from him seeing if I wanted to get a drink. Long story short, I got drunk, we did it, and I pretty much imagined he was the Ex the whole time. Not my finest moment, I know, and he's the only person I've been with since the Ex.

At one point later, after I had kicked him out and passed out, again not my finest moment here, I started remembering things we had talked about.

Me: wow you're teeth are really looking nice
Him: thanks, they're fake
Me: You mean like veneers?
Him: No I mean fake
Me: You mean like take them out of your mouth and put them in a glass of water, fake?
Him: Yeah, my family has bad teeth and I couldn't afford veneers so...
Me: Oh, that's cool.. can we go outside so i can puke?

You know that feeling when you wake up after you've just drank huge amounts of alcohol and you're laying in bed having horrible flashbacks of things you've done and said and you just can't believe yourself? Yeah, I had one of those moments when I woke up after that night.

The girls all make fun of me for that, but hey, there's nothing wrong with him that he wants to have better teeth. We're not all made of money you know. But last night when I was getting so angsty that I almost called him, I kept thinking about that conversation we had at the bar and changed my mind.

I passed out anyways thank god. Truthfully, the only person that could really scracth that itch anyways is the Ex and im not calling him.