Monday, October 27, 2008


So I realized that I've never shown pictures of the kitties. The top one is a picture of my exes cat Spooky, who I technically stole her from. When he wasn't around and after he moved out, she slept with me every night and I just fell in love with her. When he asked for her back, I told him no. Plus, he's never home anyway so she would just be lonely. No point in that.
The middle cat is my baby Ginger. She's a real sweetie but she doesn't like to be picked up that much because when we first got her she had ear mites and had to have medicine for a couple of months. She's very independent and quiet but she loves attention, and she has this weird attraction to men. My kind of cat!
The last cat is the cat I've had the longest, Pepper. I know parents say they don't have a favorite child, and I do love all my cats, but she is my favorite. We have this bond where I call her, her nickname is boo boo, and she comes a running, meowing all the way, and jumps on my chest to snuggle. She sure does love her momma. My friends joke I'm gonna end up as an old lady with ten cats.
And I reply, nothing wrong with that!

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