Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Halloween is fast approaching and I am actually going to dress up this year. Every year people come to Madison from all over to celebrate Halloween downtown at State St. Which is pretty much thousands of drunk people dressed up and wandering around. It gets pretty hectic. The last couple of years I haven't even gone because it gets really out of control and has stopped being fun.

But this year, me and the girls are going to throw a costume party. And I'm actually going to dress up. I'm really excited but kind of nervous too. The last time I dressed up I was 17, and me and my brother went as Santa and Mrs. Clause. It was so cute. But that was so long ago.

The girls want our costumes to have some sort of theme. So I came up with going as Disney or Fairy Tales characters. I mean, there's so many of those to chose from so we would have more options.

Here's what I'm thinking... Since I'm blond..... Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, Rapunzel, or Tinkerbell.

We're going to go to the store and see what we see but does anyone else have any other ideas for me?


  1. I am trying to convince as many people as possible to go as Sexy Ghostbuster but I doubt that I'll be super successful. ;)