Monday, October 27, 2008

Break me off a Piece of That

Well, we can definitely scratch that job off the list. I should have known, but truthfully I'm trying to be optimistic. The add was for a Marketing firm to do event planning for a non-profit. Truthfully, it entails cold calling and standing outside businesses trying to sell coupons to raise money.

Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against raising money, especially for something as worthwhile as breast Cancer research. But that is not what the ad said. I talked to another girlfriend and she said she had went to an interview there as well. The pay is horrible and you have to work almost ten hours a day. Forget that! Plus i HATE cold calling! I think that must be one of the worst jobs in the history of jobs. So the search continues. Technically I don't NEED a new job, but hey, it never hurts to look.

I really have nothing else to do this week. Seriously, there is nothing to look forward to this week. I know, I know, Halloween is on Friday and yeah we were planning on having this BIG party but we really haven't even planned anything. Yeah I know, we procrastinate hella. And I'm kind of broke so nothings as fun as it could be when you're broke. We'll probably just end up NOT even dressing up, buying a keg, and drinking it between ten or so people. Sounds a lot less stressful to me, that's for sure.

Oh yeah, and it's "Louie's" birthday on Thursday and we're all going to Stripper Night at the gay club! That should be a blast!! I've been there numerous times but only once on Stripper Night, but it's always fun fun! And those strippers are fricking HOT! I'll make sure to blog about that on Friday....

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