Saturday, October 4, 2008

All moved

Wow, its been about a week since i posted. Its been kind of a hectic week with the move and all. I really love the new place. We've got it decorated sort of girly, but still nice. Its weird having a pink shower curtain. I've always lived with boys before so hanging a pink shower curtain or putting butterfly's on the wall was never an option. I think it definitely makes the place more colorful.

The rest of week after the move i pretty much just partied at "robbies" house or stayed at home and enjoyed being lazy. After i got the old apartment all clean and was about to take the keys to the landlord, i did break down and cry for about ten minutes. It was very sad looking around the apartment and thinking about all of the memories i had there, especially with the Ex. But hopefully this will be a fresh start and there will be new memories. I haven't heard from the Ex since last Wednesday so that may just be wishful thinking on my part. But we'll see.

I finally picked up Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and I could not put it down. What a good book. And now I'm at the library grabbing the second in the series. I'm supposed to be playing with my niece today but I'm sure the book will take up a lot of my attention. Once my attention is focused on a certain book, its really hard to concentrate on anything else.

Back to work tomorrow.... *sigh*

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