Monday, October 13, 2008

Action and Mayhem

I had the craziest dream last night and I feel really disoriented today because of it. I guess I shouldn't be watching crazy movies like Natural Born Killers right before I go to bed. Ive never seen that movie before and I guess it was kind of morbid but I found myself rooting for them. As I've said before, for some reason when I'm feeling down, sad, or even sick, I love to watch action films, and I feel better. Anything with swords, guns, fighting and mayhem and I instantly feel better. When I'm feeling sad and depressed, I can not stand sappy love stories. They just make me feel worse. I guess that makes sense, sort of.

The ending where Robert Downey Jr. says. "but wait, Mickey and Mallory always leave a witness behind." And they both look down and point to the camera and say, "that's what the camera's for." And then they blow him away. Classic. The movie was pretty messed up though, and I had this crazy dream where the Ex and that biatch were driving around in the same car from the movie, and shooting at people. And they made Sun Prairie their gang spot. So weird.

I know, it was the craziest dream. Next time I cant sleep, I think ill try sleeping pills instead of crazy killer movies to try to pass out.

Other good flicks I love:

-The Professional
-Mr. Brooks ( I love Kevin Costner in this movie)
-Goodfellas (Any gangster movie is good)
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Gotta love Brad and Angie)
-Unleashed (Jet Li is great in this movie)

Those are just a few. I know there's lots more but I just wanted to name a few I really like.

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