Sunday, September 14, 2008


So ive decided to start this blog to tell about my crazy ass life and maybe use this as a therapeutic platform to release some stress. Heres a little background on life so far: Im 24, im recently single, not by choice, and i live in a town i hate. I moved out here to get a place with the BF. Unfortuantely, we both like to drink and get a little out of hand when we do. So he got put on probation and his PO thinks we are bad influences on each other and put a no contact order on us. She even made him be escorted to our house by a sheriff to remove all his stuff. That was a fun day! But to top that off he decided that he did want to be single and be able to do whatever he wanted. We still see each other and unfortuantely we are still in love but i dont think its ever going to be the same. Hes got this friend who's 19 and is in love with him. Hes told her that he just wants to be friends but for some reason the girl wont get it through her head. I of course hate her as she is a little bitch and ive told him i wont get back together with him ever if this girl is in his life. Im trying to rid myself of all of these bad people i have around me and she is a ball of negative energy.

On the home front, my brother had nowhere to live so i let him live on my couch, not knowing that hed still be there 7 months later. Since the lease is almost up and i hate it here, ive applied for a 3 bedroom house with the brother and my girl. Unfortuantely, he didnt give me rent his last paycheck, and he came home this weekend and told me his wallet was stolen with all his rent inside. So now ive had to throw my brother out on the street and have lost a potential roommate for the house that i cant afford without a third roomie.
For 2 years i had straight A's and was on the deans list. With all this stress in the last year, i couldnt finish half of my classes, got put on academic suspension and pretty much dropped out this semester.

So you may ask how im dealing with all this crap? 300mg of wellbutrin a day as well as ritilin for my ADD. and of course, Alcohol. Hence the title Madison Lush. When I turned 14 I became a wild child, drinking with my friends on the weekends, at the bowling alley, even sometimes in the library at school. Vodka and little sunny D bottles, hell ya! 10 years later and im still going strong. Unfortunately your not supposed to mix the meds with alcohol, per doctors orders, but when have i ever listened to doctors? I kicked a dresser drawer and broke my toe and took the stupid boot thing off they give you like two days later. The swelling of the toe hasnt gone down yet and that was over 6 weeks ago so maybe i should listen to the doctor but hey, that boot thing is ugly and makes u walk funny.

So this is just a little blog about me and how crazy and messed up my life is. Enjoy or dont. Doesnt matter to me.

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