Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So remember how i was feeling kinda off last night and realllly didnt want to go home alone and hang out? Yeah well the night turned out to completely suck. First, i went to moms to hang out and watch some cable. Of course the ex-hubby was there and thats starting to get weird. I know mom is super nice and seems to like to take care of people and help people out, but it doesnt even seem like hes looking for a job. All he does is go outside and smoke like every 3 minutes, lay around and watch t.v. and listen to music. Whatever. Not my problem but its still kinda weird.

Anyhoo, so I talked to "robbie" but she was with the boytoy so i decided to just head home. Nothing seemed out of place when i got there, but after i got into my jamas and petted the cats, i headed into the kitchen for a beer and noticed that "screwy", thats one of my brothers, had come there sometime that day, ate a whole pizza, made a whole tuna caserole dinner, ate all of it, and left the dishes for me to clean up. So #1, i just paid all of the rent and paid the gas and lights and am now broke, and now have to feed him as well. And #2 i know he did not eat all of that food by himself, which means he came there and had people in my house. He is not on the lease, i let him live there to help him out, on the understanding that he would pay his half of rent, since he has failed to do that, i dont understand how he seems to feel its ok to come in my house and make himself at home. You know what? whatever. the whole situation has got me feeling really bigigedty and i really hate it.

Still havent heard back from the landlord guy about that house but hopefully that'll be soon. With jeffs record im not sure he'll approved anyway. Him and michelle had court this morning for that stupid ticket they got for tresspassing (side note: we stopped @ Wiggies for a quick drink @ 1:45 and they wouldnt serve us so we tried to leave but the cops had pulled up trying to be slick. We didnt want to drive away right then and "milla" couldnt find the keys so they pulled up behind the car and tried as hard as they could to get us for something. Since they couldnt they gave them each $400 tresspassing tickets. tresspassing @ a bar at 2am? The DA dismissed all charges when they went to court today. A waste of time if you ask me) and she asked him where he was staying and he didnt answer but he did say he was hanging out with this kid from australia. Ok? Where does he find these boneheads? But no matter how mad i am at him, i still cant help but worry if hes ok. It got kinda cold last night and i dont want him sleeping on the streets.

Hopefully i hear some good news soon. I could really use some.

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