Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Smarter than the average bear

I knew it. I knew he was going to fuck this up. So last night i get a text from "screwy", while hes supposed to be at work by the way, saying hes sorry and he has to meet his PO at the house in the morning so we'll talk then. I asked him if he still had his job and he told me we'd talk in the morning. Ominous as hell. Then i wake up and hes there and tells me he didn't go to work friday or monday and they told him if he didn't come with a doctors note yesterday to not bother coming back. I swear, what a retard that kid is. He should have dragged his ass to the doctor, gotten a note and then went to work.

Well i asked him what his plans were and he said he'd find a better job. When he first started staying with me it took him forever to find the job he found. No one wants to hire an ex-con u know. And in the mean time I supported him to help him out. I feel really bad but i told him im sorry but i really cant do that again. I don't want him sleeping on the streets but hes a grown man, i am not his mother or his girlfriend, thank the lord for that by the way, and i need to take care of myself too.

So he said he wasn't mad at me and it is his own fault. So at least there's no animosity there. Now i'm back to square one with the moving situation though. Me and "kammy" can either have C move in, which i'm sure we're both adamant about, or we can look for a two bedroom. I was so excited about moving to a house though. Oh well.

So remember how i called the ex at lunch and he said maybe he'd hit me up later? Yeah i was right about that one too. Later turned out to be 2:30 am. I was asleep of course and his message says he got done from work @ 4, started drinking and passed out. But hes off all today and will call me later. Lol. Silly boy. I have plans to go drinking with "milla" tonight. Im not available at your beck and call buddy.

So i told myself i wasn't waiting for his call last night, and truthfully if there was something to do i wouldn't have blown it off for him, but unfortunately there was nothing to do. I am so unbelievably bored its unbelievable. lol. And i mean with everything. Its always the same old thing all the time. I kinda like being single but i really don't like living alone that's for sure. Last night i got off work and with nothing fun planned, went to moms and hung out on the computer for awhile, went home and cleaned the house. That was actually good though because the house was MESSY. I just love a clean house, it always makes me feel better no matter what. Anyway, then i got drunk and watched legends of the fall. probably not a good idea when your alone, and drinking but oh well i love that movie. But how boring is that really? I need some excitement. I need some spice. I need something new.

A couple of weeks ago i applied to go work on a cruise ship. I know, crazy right? Not that i really want to do manual labor, or housekeeping or any of the other entry level jobs they offer, but i need a change and after the breakup i really just couldn't stand staying around here and watching him have fun while my heart is broken. I never heard anything back but to this day if i do, i still might go. "Robbie" would be so pissed though as shes getting married and wants me to help her plan her wedding, like i've ever planned a wedding before... that's funny.

So hopefully tonight will bring some sort of fun. Although going through life in a drunken haze is starting to wear thin too. Especially cause i've lost all my fun drinking buddies. Oh poor me. I guess ill just go eat worms.

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  1. Just this past spring I pondered taking a job as part of a private yacht crew. It sure does have its appeal. Go work on the boat. Get away. Experience another place, another group of people. Then tell us all about it so we can vicariously live through you.

    (ps: thanks for the link!)