Tuesday, September 16, 2008

rethinking some things

Called the ex @ lunch today and asked him if he wanted to meet up lata and hang. Of course his answer is hes going out but was planning on sleeping @ home and if he does, he'll call me. So this is what its come to. If hes around SP he'll call me, but u know, dont wait up or anything. I thought i could handle the situation. I was actually coming to covet it. I mean whats not to love about having the bst of both worlds. When i want to I can go out with P till 5 am and gt wasted or hang with the girls all hours of the night and i dont have anyone to answer to. And when im lonely or need to get laid, I have the ex. But only if hes not busy.

This saturday when all this drama happened with "screwy", I really could have used his company. Instead of drinking by myself, watching the Notebook, and being miserable, his company would have really been appreciated.

So i dont know. I like the freedom that being single has to offer i just really wish the kid had a stupid cell phone dammit!! lol

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