Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A little peak into a Lush

So i realized that i haven't told you all a lot about Me personally so here's a little bit into me:

Name: Well we'll just say Lush

Age: 24

Status: Single/ not single- long story, read the posts

Children: Not yet but if i do i want one girl

Job: Customer Service

School: I was going to MATC, but am switching to school online. Recently i was going to go into education but I've found myself shying away from that. Both my dad and brother have spent numerous time in and out of prison. Nice family i know. But I've seen the effects that institutionalization can do to a person and i feel really strongly about rehabilitating these people so they don't come out and just repeat the same pattern and stay criminals.

Living Arrangements: am moving into an apartment with a good friend and scared as hell about it

Pets: I have 3 cats, one of which i stole from my ex

Hometown: Madison, WI- born and raised

Family: Lived with my Grandma since I was 2, mom, dad, 2 older brothers, a sister in law

Why “Madison Lush”: Well I'm from Madison and I'm a little lush


Movie: Gone with the wind, The notebook, Hitman, Mr. Brooks, Armageddon- I know this list is weird but this is me. I love sappy love stories and i love action movies. The more sword fights and blood the better.

TV Show: Buffy/Angel, Greys anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Trublood, Entourage

Music: I like rap and hip hop, techno and alternative.. I'm sort of eclectic but i hate country

Food: Fillet Mignon has to be the best invention ever.. i mean whats not to love? Steak wrapped in bacon! Yummy lol. I also love pot stickers and egg rolls, anything my grandma makes especially chicken and dumplings and fried chicken.

Foods i hate: Mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, and i can barely eat spicy food.. seriously, i just started putting pepper on my food. My friends and family find it hilarious to watch the faces i make after I've eaten something that's too spicy for me; glad they are amused by my pain.

I don’t smoke, but i do drink as much alcohol as humanly possible, just kidding but i am kinda a lush. I love to party and usually am up until dawn. I am very responsible though and even if i ha vent slept i drag my happy as to work everyday. I am getting older so this is not always as easy as it was when i was 19. I love to rent my favorite series on DVD and i can sit for hours watching episode after episode. Not exactly productive but hey, i don't care. I read about two or three books a week; more when i haven't been out partying too much that week.

Celebrity Crushes:
Anything Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Tyrese Gibson... Its unfair there are men out there this fine and i don't have any of them

Addictions: Myspace (I'm kind of a junkie) blogging, drinking, reading, my digital camera, Greys anatomy, and last but certainly not least..... sex (not really even kidding here, don't understand people that can go weeks, even months or god forbid, years )

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