Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy ass weekend

So the ex called thurs night and after 10 mins if discussion proceeded to snap at me for some shit his stupid friend told him. A friend who called my phone one night and had no where to stay so i let him crash on my couch, woke up and gave him a ride into town, only to find he had stolen $40 from my purse. When i called him on it he denied it and i havent heard from him since. People are seriously bullshit. See how im too nice?

So the ex decides to tell me i lied to him and he hates me and then proceeds to hang up on me. What a child. Im never dating anyone younger than me ever again. This friend of his is a habitual liar, in which he is aware, and he still gets all upset at me. Wont even let me get a word out before he spews bull crap and hangs up. Again, what a freaking child. And what is that any of his business anyways? I hate how he thinks he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants and then he has the audacity to call me snapping at me for letting, #1 his FRIEND stay on my couch and for believing any bull this kid says. Screw it. Seriously i am too old for these preschool games. I think the stupid 19 year old he hangs out with is starting to rub her immaturity off on him. Loser!

Ok sorry about the rant but that was really pissing me off. So the rest of the weekend i pretty much just stayed at my other brother, "the boss's" all weekend. His fiance, we'll call her "monty" and the baby were in a 7 car pile up that some crazy lady caused. I dont know why she did this but she came to the stop sign, smashed into another car, hit , causing her to bounce off two more cars and then drove off hitting more cars. Her bumper fell off though with her license plate attached so luckily they were able to catch her, but the experience still shook up the baby, whos ok by the way, and totaled "monty's" car. Stupid people should not be allowed to drive or reproduce for that matter.

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