Thursday, September 25, 2008

In la-la land

Usually when i get to work I have so many things to talk about I cant wait to start blogging. But for some reason today I'd start thinking about something but my mind just couldn't stay focused. One of the reasons may because i took my first Ritalin at 9 am and forgot to take the second one until 5. But it's probably because Greys is on tonight and of course the day is dragging on by. Sometimes I just want to scream at these customers to figure it out themselves, I get so antsy. But that's a sure way to lose my job right there. Ever have that dream where you come to work and tell everyone off? Yeah me either. Those fantasies usually run through my head during the day while I'm actually at work.

I did go and sign the lease today. *oh, butterfly's in my stomach* "Kammy" and I have been talking about this for a few weeks but it still doesn't alleviate some of the anxiety i feel about this move. I've never lived with another girl before. I mean, yeah my grandma raised me, and for a few months i lived with mom after the ex-ex and I broke up, but I've never had a girl roommate before. Especially one that is such good friends with me such as "kammy" is. I really don't want anything to ruin our friendship and I've seen how much animosity can come between roommates from personal experiences, as well as from friend's experiences. I guess the best way to tackle the situation is to go in with both of us communicating what we expect, as well as setting some ground rules right from the get go. As long as each of us is respectful and not inconsiderate to each other, i don't foresee any problems. Words escape me right now but i know there's some saying out there about the best laid plans. But as I've wrote before, one day at a time. Hey, i think that will be my new motto. It sure seems to fit perfectly into my life right now.


On a side note: I wanted to write a quick note about part of the conversation me and the ex had the night before:

me: I'm actually really surprised at how well I'm handling this breakup

him: oh, so you're doing just fine huh? living it up and happy to be single?

me: no, and the only reason I'm even making it even a little is because I'm medicated you ass, and it was your idea to break up, not mine

him: no, it was my Po's

me: she implemented the no contact rule but that doesn't mean you have to disappear and not call me for a week

him: you know that's not true, its hard talking to you knowing we're not together

me: whatever

*Full of bullshit sometimes isn't he?


As I'm writing this my crazy cousin just called but i couldn't answer it as I'm at work. Now here's some background on me and my cousin "Sam". She is 25 years old, had 4 kids and is completely out of her mind. She got divorced and decided she missed out on her teenage years and needs to make up for it now. Even though her kids, who live with her dad by the way, ask for her all the time, they barely see her. Sometimes i think they're better off, but that's my opinion. Last year at thanksgiving, she took too many Oxycontin and passed out under the kitchen table. ( I told you my life is crazy)

Well i started spending a little bit of time with her a couple of months ago to maybe settle her down, which is kind of funny seeing as how i party all the time too, but i don't have 4 kids so it doesn't count. If i stay out until 5 am and come home puking my brains out, no children are affected in any way.

So she came over to my house a couple of months ago and had these two guys with her who only spoke Spanish. One of them was her new boyfriend and they were all over each other. I am a really laid back person, but when it comes to my house, no one better disrespect my place. I was in the kitchen doing beer bongs of wine, yeah i know it sounds crazy but it's actually very fun, and i wasn't paying any attention to them. She said he was staring at my tits(! yeah i was like wtf !) and she was mad and needed to talk to him so I had told them they could talk in my bathroom but they were in no way to have sex. After i realized they were gone, i tried to open my bedroom door and my light was in front the door. I pushed the door open and found my cousin and her boy toy in my bed, naked. After i proceeded to throw her out of my house naked by her hair, i really have not talked to her since. You may think that was kind of harsh, but as far as I'm concerned, that is where i sleep, and the only person that should be having sex on my bed and getting juices on it, should be me. So I'm sort of curious to hear her voicemail message and find out what she wants.

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