Monday, September 15, 2008

The hours seem long

Ok so i know i posted earlier but i felt like saying something else. So ive been feeling like ive been doing better but all of a sudden i was sitting here at work and felt really lonely. I really dont feel like going home and hanging out alone. I usually dont mind that much. I mean hey, i love alone time. I cant watch all the O.C. reruns i want and no one can bitch about my taste in shows. But right now i just really miss him for some reason. Maybe its not even him. Its the thought of going home alone. I texted my best friend "robbie" but of course her boytoy is back from out of town and she wants to get naked as much as possible before he has to leave again. So who am i to mess with that lol? Well theres beer at home. Im sure that'll make me feel better.

Until later.....

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